Implementation and renewal

Implementation and renewal

User friendly optimization of industrial sizes

Design, renewal and maintenance of home or industrial machines according to the needs of the customers. Implementation of complex products to execute multiple machining technologies.

Practicality is the aim. Appropriate tools to the appropriate places!

For QPP Hungary besides the design and manufacturing of precision robot grippers, snap grips, go/no go gauges it is an important task to perform other machining jobs too. We design, renew and maintain home and industrial devices based on the needs of the customers, furthermore we manufacture complex machines combining multiple machining technologies (laser and metal cutting).

We take on the removal and reproduction of corroded or worn out components in high-pressure devices and industrial washer booths, the renewal of their waterproof systems, coating and painting if necessary based on utilization or the customers’ needs.

  • Implementation of complex devices applying multiple machining techniques.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of industrial machines, individual and mass products.
  • Implementation of multifunction and ergonomic shelf systems.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of tempering vessels and coolant drainage plates.

Mercedes carpet storage carts

Painting frames with welded steel ring hangers


Casting templates with curved welded bench

Welded aluminium holds with rubber pad

Welded furnace beams