Tempering and surface treatment

Tempering and surface treatment

Our aim is to improve durability and utility.

Appropriate treatment for appropriate utilization!

The design and production of high quality and accurate components is very important for QPP Hungary. Our company pays big regard to the appropriate selection and precise execution of preparatory and supplementary working of products. The adequate material selection and anti-tension treatment significantly improves the durability of the product, as the inner tension of the material (e.g. after forging) might significantly reduce its resilience.

After appropriate anti-tension treatment materials are less prone to warping, consequently enabling the manufacturing of more precise components. According to the experiences of our company similar results can be achieved through supplementary working after production. An appropriately chosen tempering or welding technique, or rather a heat- or wear-resistant coating might multiple the durability of the product.

QPP Hungary executes the tempering and surface treatments based on these experiences in order to fulfil the needs of the customers.

  • volumetric tempering
  • thermochemical tempering
  • coating procedures
  • different welding techniques
  • buffing, polishing and etching